Beautiful losers: Superfly

by ma0now

34220_AXOCOVERThere are some competitions that you love more than others, both for the issues involved, the enthousiasm during the preparation, the people in the team, and the final outputs.
And the pleasure in doing them is equal to the dislike in not receiving any prize…

The House of Fairy Tales Competition for redesigning the Odense Museum dedicated to Hans Christian Andersen was one of these special competitions. We loved it so much, that we delivered two different projects with two different teams!

One of the two,  Superfly, a simple yet radical gesture to solve the site problems, and the museum programming, a kind of a house flying over the city of Odense, a landmark growing over the place where Andersen lived and has been celebrated, opening towards this garden with its public and open side, and pointing towards the sky with the immersive and intimate part.

34220_AERIALVIEWThe tower was intended to be a sequence of surprises, totally different worlds and horizons.
Each floor was a tale, or a group of tales that share the same world, an environment assigned to a different artist, that will reintrepret Andersen’s tales following his/her poetics. Periodically, the museum could have changed in rotation one of the environments, inviting a new artist to interpret a tale, or a theme of the Andersen’s work.


Soon the second loser, with the complete design on