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Month: June, 2007

untouch screen / viavai

Here you can see a short video about the installation realized for the exhibition L’UTOPIA PRATICABILE, Rome 26th of june 2007, 17,00 p.m. Museo H.C.Andersen Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini 20, Roma.
This installation is part of the touch screen series , proposing different forms of interaction in between body, image and space.
See .
Untouch screen is a device about the Colli Anene area in Rome, where two complete opposite realities (a nice residential area and a no-man’s land, with a gipsy camp, informal uses of the land etc.) are divided by the Roma-L’Aquila higway.


Two opposite videoprojectors share the same surface, the same border, reproducing two opposite realities, two spaces and identities side by side along a border that at the same time divides and joins. The visitor looking at these spaces cannot be neutral, his/her presence on one side and on the other of the screen modifies the image, unveils one or the other space…

The school workshop video

A short video by Simone Muscolino of Id-Lab about the school workshop (words+images in the previous post).

The school workshop


4 may 2007 : together with Simone Muscolino of Interaction Design Lab we arrive in Bari to start the workshop for the mosaic of the new library façades for the Lombardi school. As we have proposed in our design for this extension of the school, that will have an important cultural role not only for the school but for the whole area, we are involving some students to participate in a creative process. More on the project concept on . Or, if you prefer moving images with music more than this blog, watch this little movie on youtube made by Simone at Id-Lab about the workshop.


A group of ten students had been selected by an internal competition in the school, named “Draw your own façade”; this first creative step in the process has been very useful to choose a small group to participate to this photography and image digital processing workshop.


Before leaving for a shooting tour of the city, Simone introduces the students in the realm of photography, with some basic instructions and very useful tricks to observe and capture reality…


The main shooting set is the food market in the former “Manifattura Tabacchi”.



Fruits, flowers, vegetables, fishes, shrimps, octopus; every detail is captured by the students in this trip…


In the afternoon, after a small trip in the old city, we come back in the school, where Simone involves the students in a new game: each student is asked to be a celebrity for few minutes, uuder the friendly fire of nine photographers…
Here you see them together with Simone and prof. Petruzzi, our gentle guide and tutor in this workshop.



The rest of the day is dedicated to see the shooting with the students, making comments on the best ones, and testing with pixelization and reduction of colours some of them:




But what we like most are the results of the celebrity game; the smiling faces of the students seem to represent in a very powerful way the meaning of this workshop (to root this new buikding among its users); at the same time is the result of a collective work, more than a one person product.
The morning of the 5th of may, among the various proposals this solutions is accepted by everybody with enthousiasm!

Back in Rome, after one month of testing of different kind of tiles with the precious help of Pietro, to find the best colours and the best prices if possible, we finally make the final drawings of the mosaic for the construction…




Next step a public event to present everything to the school and the city …

…while the real library keeps growing…

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