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Month: January, 2014

Nuovi paesaggi per Roma contemporanea

Learning from Rome: Un modello imperfetto per la costruzione della città pubblica è il titolo del nostro intervento al convegno organizzato dall’American Academy in Rome e il Comune di Roma.
Martedì 28 gennaio alla Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio, dalle 9 alle 13.

B-SIDES 01 : spaziotempo

the dark side of architecture

A collection of images that otherwise would not ever come out from their folders, the result of paths never taken to the end, ideas and visions that did not work, but maybe had a beauty and a sense that the final project lost in the need to meet the complexity of a program or the specificity of a site.
It will be a collection of course much more heterogeneous than those that appear in the official biographies: these are snapshots of interrupted researches, that move sometimes in foreign territories, far from our own narrative.
We start with our dark sides, but with time we would like to collect even those architects that we follow and we estimate
And who knows that does not happen, like with some old 45 rpm, to find out that the B is the best side.

\ spaziotempo
january 2011

 spaziotempo_01 a container without a roof
four walls of mirror
the soil of the earth

a space that changes with time
with the weather
and with the spontaneous plants that will grow in this small plot of land
the representation of our idea of an architecture that can change with time, with the rhythms of nature and man.

An architecture made of nothing, populated of men and women that will be reflected in the mirrors
the image of being continuously, as Mumford said, suspended between heaven and earth, between the concreteness of the soil and the intangibility of the clouds.
And in between, the life that grows, that takes from one – the ground and other – the sky.
We could also call it non-stop garden

Santo subito!

Prototyping the lighting for the next exhibition…

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