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Rodari school renewal, Bari | ongoing

2018_11_16_facciata_graf2_det_01Schools play a fundamental role in cities, not only for being the place where the future generation are educated, but also because they are expected to welcome public activities beyond the usual  schools hours and become places where the surrounding community can gather.

Commissioned to redesign and improve the entrance spaces and the gym of the Rodari middle school, ma0 has proposed to improve the reception capacity and quality not only for the students’ parents, but also for the visitors that could potentially use the sports facilites beyond school’s schedule.
The entrance to the school becomes with this occasion a collective reference non only for its activities, but also for what could represent symbolically.

The project, beyond improving the functionality of the interior spaces, reshapes the ground of the entrance court with a continuous ramp and a series of steps to access the new gym entrance and modifies deeply the interface between inside and outside.


A  new portico works as a communicative infrastructure to be used and appropriated both by the school and the students.


This palympsest can accomodate different medias and objects that can be replaced  during the year, and trigger a playful interaction with its users that can sit in, hide behind and peek trough its various openings.

2018_11_19_Rodari_Palinsesto_da strada_light

2018 11 12 Rodari 2d palinsesto .jpg
Plan of the new intervention with the redesign of the access ramps the gym interiors and the new portico.

palinsesto_entrata_attualepalinsesto_entrataThe access to the school before and after the renewal.

Palympsest | Rodari middle school renewal

Client: Comune di Bari
design team:
ma0 studio d’architettura
Ing. Maurizio Franco

with Roberto Vincenzo Iossa


Grand Hotel Roma

It’s been a while, but the issue is probably hotter today than in january, and not only for weather conditions.


Grand Hotel Roma is an installation we made for the 999 domande sull’abitare at the Triennale in Milan, a room of an imaginary hotel that illustrates different ways  of hosting migrants, able to create public space that appears impossible to implementby institutions. Projects such as the Ararat Curd cultural center – developed by Stalker in an old slaughterhouse; or Space Metropoliz – the former susage factory squatted by homeless coming from different places and transformed by artists into the magnificient MAAM – Museo dell’Altro e dell’Altrove; or even Hotel Africa, a self-managed and multifunctional space in an abandoned building near the Tiburtina station.




Sharing Mobility National Conference

Instant installation of the conference hall for the second national meeting on sharing mobility, Rome, Stazione Termini, march 27.

Just traffic signs, some of them conceived on purpose!
IMG_0298IMG_0303IMG_0317 (1)IMG_0304DSC_8634DSC_8682DSC_8688

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door


koncking on heaven's door
Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

ph. Domenico Pastore

MFP_0632_stampaph. Mario Ferrara

ma0 in “Divina Sezione, Larchitettura italiana per la Divina Commedia” now on show at the Reggia in Caserta.

Construction of a school

ma0 won the second prize in a competition for a school in the province of Macerata, in one of the Innovative Schools competition promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education.


In the origin of the word school – σχολή – space and time are a necessary condition for speculation and formation.
Combining space and time means constructing an open and evolutionary architectural body, able to offer free spaces for free activities.

As in the painting by Piero di Cosimo Construction of a building, the school is an intelligent entity open to multiple uses, an active field, laboratory and theater of events and activities, permanent and temporary.
It is an informal space for learning, experimentation, space design and construction.


The public space, the matrix of the whole system of relations, moves from the horizontal plane of the field to the vertical one of the inhabited wall, a bioclimatic border that welcomes open and connective teaching environments, the nursery of the new approaches to pedagogy, the informal place for research, spirit of initiative , empowerment and interpersonal exchange.

2016_07_29_Macerata_CAMPO_MASTERPLAN copyMasterplan of the new intervention integrated with the existing builindgs


First floor plan.
08_macerata_prospetti2016_07_28_Macerata_CAMPO_sezioni_DEF_1 copy
Elevations and sections
The inhabited wall
View from the gym towards the hall and the field
Perspective section through gym, hall and field

The field

Costruzione di una scuola
Concorso Scuole Innovative – Provincia di Macerata

date: 2016
design team: ma0 with Gabriella Raggi
bioclimatic consultant: Francesco Bedeschi
site: Macerata
result: second prize
collaboraors: Domenica Fiorini, Marc Carbonell, Carlotta Cannucciari. Paola Quarta

Best wishes


Parco Matusa ongoing @ Frosinone

Best wishes for a constructive 2018


Cross the Streets @ Domus


Cross the Streets

Other shots by Alberto Iacovoni…


Cross the Streets @ Macro

A short walk in the Cross the Streets exhibition @ MACRO in Rome, with the beautiful photos  by Simon d’Exea.

domus-04-cross-the-streets.jpg.foto.rmediumdomus-07-cross-the-streets.jpg.foto.rmediumdomus-02-cross-the-streets.jpg.foto.rmediumdomus-01-cross-the-streets.jpg.foto.rmediumdomus-09-cross-the-streets.jpg.foto.rmedium (1)

domus-06-cross-the-streets.jpg.foto.rmediumdomus-03-cross-the-streets.jpg.foto.rmedium (1)




***best wishes***


wishing  a peaceful and collaborative 2017

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