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Month: February, 2014

Scianna playground, remixed

Scianna_Venice_beach_remixA beautiful picture by Ferdinando Scianna of Venice Beach, remixed in an augmented playground.

Architectures pour l’avenir

Now in a small but pregnant exhibition in Hy├Ęres, the Maria Grazia Cutuli School.

Mirror Box, a diary

If the B-side project Spaziotempo published some days ago was an idea for space a┬ámade of nothing but air and ground, in this exhibition for the Alta Roma fashion show by IED Roma, we have applied the same concept for a space made of nothing but fashion and light, where the students’ works floating in a virtually infinite space.

madonnina2A kinf of sacred space dedicated to fashion and its spirits…
fr22 01 2014181255 The only visible element was a crown of light thorns, that we have (re)discovered in the hands of one of the angels on the nearby S.Angelo Bridge, an allusion both to the context – and the processions that went from the city towards the Vatican – but also to the sufferings of the creative process…

Here you have a short video about the making of:

And here the beautiful pictures by Cristiana Bezerra, from the making to the opening:
®cristiana.bezerra.ph_MG_0163 ®cristiana.bezerra.ph_MG_0229 ®cristiana.bezerra.ph_MG_0247 ®cristiana.bezerra.ph_MG_0257 ®cristiana.bezerra.ph_MG_0405 ®cristiana.bezerra.ph_MG_0591 ®cristiana.bezerra.ph_MG_0593®cristiana.bezerra.ph_MG_0623In addition to the lighting and the works, the credits have been applied directly on the mirror walls, as shown in these wonderful details shooted by Giulia Venanzi.
Giulia_Venanzi(13) Giulia_Venanzi(4) Giulia_Venanzi(5) Giulia_Venanzi(9)And finally we had the interaction that we expected, with visitors shooting themselves playing with the mirrors and the works exhibited, and sharing pictures on instagram and facebook.
Mirror_Box_socialAbove all, we have loved to design the crown, combining a found object – the led christmas lights – with a simple but perfect and nearly invisible technical solution proposed by SpSystema. Pop, fast and effective, the displacement of a mundane object in something surprising, in a pure pure ma0 style, beautifully shooted by Laura La Greca in these last two pictures.Laura_La_Greca_01Laura_La_Greca_02

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