A 5-years-long update

Many things can happen in 5 years – you can spend nine months teaching in a far away country, a building can be completed, a pandemic can overturn your life and professional activity – and updating the firm’s website is not necessarily a priority. But now we finally did it!. 
ma0 is back with a website enriched with something like 20 new projects, mainly in the three fields of urbanism, architecture and exhibition design – ongoing commissions, realized installations and exhibition designs, architectural competitions.
Together with this fundamental update, we also wanted to to make the point on our activity, our themes and values, because looking backwards is always the best way to know where you are going.  Therefore we are going to publish a sequence of posts in our blog collecting a series of projects, grouped following fundamental architectural ideas/values/strategies to be used as a guide to browse our work – and mostly, to highlight the best of what we have done and to bring it into the future.
The first post we want to share is a manifesto made with the slides that open our website: it’s a sequence of ideas, values, obsessions that we have collected during time, emerging from the projects and experiences we had – apparently chaotic and random, but that can be read as the points of a manifesto for the year to come. 

Click on the captions below to see these old and new ma0’s classics, or just browse our work on www.ma0.it)