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Month: March, 2015

Delirious Palazzina

Working on the Flaminio competition… soon on this blog.

Flaminio_palazzine_01bbWhere we choose to reuse one of the most successfull typologies of modern Rome, making them part of the public city. Flaminio_palazzine_03cPlaying with some of the most famous masterpieces that have been produced by an extraordinary encounter in between the roman bourgeoisie and a bunch of very talented architects.Flaminio_palazzine_04b

The pink pod

pink_podAn unexpected outcome of the Floating Architecture installation, made with some of the inflatables survived to the compressor, and not necessary for the installation.
A small pink pod that has been appropriate, played, dsmantled by the Muscolino new generation.WP_000874WP_000875WP_000877WP_000879WP_000883    Finally real wild interaction, and a fantastic idea for the next workshop!WP_000886

Floating Architecture @ Tasmeem 3ajeeb in Doha, a diary

Landed in Doha  at VCU Qatar for the extraordinary week of Tasmeem 3ajeeb, together with other extraordinary people to make workshops and lectures, all linked by the ajeeb theme “strange in a strange way, cool in a cool way, and slightly weird in a slightly weird way”.
We arrived with 200 pink swim rings + 850 meters of white tape to create Floating Architecture, a bigger and pink version of the installation made in 2010 for AILATI at the Venice Biennale, a space to stay, to interact with, or a strange pink monster to place in the University.
WP_000631On Sunday the 8th of march we start brainstorming with the students, searching for the best way to make a physical model of this modular and organic architecture, we opt for a form in between a tent and a manta…
WP_000848WP_000694Third day: we start to hang the installation in the main atrium, while a group of students inflate the 200 rings.
????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????WP_000852 WP_000861And finally the opening on Thursday:
WP_000768 WP_000769 WP_000783A great photo opportunity for everybody!
At play with Floating architecture, #tasmeem3ajeeb at VCU Qatarthat spreads in the social medias immediatlyfloating_architecture_web

Last day, after the opening, we leave for a desert trip, bringing with us some inflatables…
WP_000892WP_000901Ready to float on the sand dunes?
WP_000911WP_000909And finally, some rings survived for do what they have been made for:
WP_000937It was a fantastic 3ajeeb week, and if you pass from Doha, the pink monster should be still there.

Into the screen

Once there was a videogame museum in Rome that we were asked to study…

A3.inddBased on a very simple principle, of a sequence of tables / screen in sequenceA3.inddMarking the different eras of the videogame history, both with the white frame/table and a transparent screen for videoprojections


DET_ANGOLO_defInserted in the thickness of the table/frame the space for the memorabilia, screens and so on…
DET_NINTENDO A project as many others lost in the unpredictable flows of events and some days ago re-emerged from our archives.


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