untouch screen / viavai

by ma0now

Here you can see a short video about the installation realized for the exhibition L’UTOPIA PRATICABILE, Rome 26th of june 2007, 17,00 p.m. Museo H.C.Andersen Via Pasquale Stanislao Mancini 20, Roma.
This installation is part of the touch screen series , proposing different forms of interaction in between body, image and space.
See http://www.ma0.it/load_touch_screen.swf .
Untouch screen is a device about the Colli Anene area in Rome, where two complete opposite realities (a nice residential area and a no-man’s land, with a gipsy camp, informal uses of the land etc.) are divided by the Roma-L’Aquila higway.


Two opposite videoprojectors share the same surface, the same border, reproducing two opposite realities, two spaces and identities side by side along a border that at the same time divides and joins. The visitor looking at these spaces cannot be neutral, his/her presence on one side and on the other of the screen modifies the image, unveils one or the other space…