The (extra)ordinary city

città_straordinaria_logoOur proposal for the Progetto Flaminio masterplan competition is based on four basic principles:2015_02_25_2D_FLAMINIO_SCHEMINI_DEF_BIANCO_NEROTo connect the public city, placing the main attractor (The Science City) at the center of the public space, where the most valuable existing structures are, and should be reinterpreted through a subsequent archtiecture competition.
2015_02_25_2D_FLAMINIO_SCHEMINI_DEF_BIANCO_NEROTo intensify both the private and the public realm by densifying the housing areas, freeing up a great portion of public space.2015_02_25_2D_FLAMINIO_SCHEMINI_DEF_BIANCO_NEROTo valorize the built and cultural heritage, integrating the central part of the barracks in the Science City and the network of public paths, and actualizing a traditional Palazzina typology placing it on a public base.2015_02_25_2D_FLAMINIO_SCHEMINI_DEF_BIANCO_NEROTo establish flexible processes to make the site alive immediatly.Flaminio_palazzine_05a (1)2015_02_25_RELAZIONE_DEFThe  masterplan offers to the context two major squares: one more monumental facing the MAXXI, and the other one, talking to the surrounding neighbourood, more green, related to the expected new school.
2015_02_25_RELAZIONE_DEFThe elements belonging of the city of Rome – the Palazzina, the former barracks – become the ordinary components of an extraordinary generosity, intensity and continuity of public space, placing an exciting question mark on how the next great architect will design the next big roman museum…