ma0 goes to China / work in progress #1

by ma0now

ma0_goes_to_china_01We are now finalizing the redesign of the functional layout, the  public spaces and the facades of the Xi’an Milan Park in Xi’an, for arch. Gaetano Di Gesu and Eawe srl. A new experience in a new world, searching for a  communicative architecture that could mix two different traditions in a contemporary building dedicated to Italian fashion and culture.
Following some clues of the project, still not rendered in the final version.

XMP_XXXXIAN_4Above, our first facade made in word (!), while searching for elevations that could mix adevertising and architectural partitions.
Below two details of the building facades that reinterpret the shutters of an Italian palazzo using bricks, mixed with chinese geometric patterns.XMP_basamento_01
XMP_residence_81Soon the final images of the whole complex…