One year and half blog

by ma0now


One year and half later finally we have updated our website, and started this new blog… in a kind of home-made english, to communicate to everybody.
Just few words and images to tell you some about what has happened during this long long time.


december 2005 : We could start from our participation to the “Storytellers” exhibition in the Beyond Media festival in Florence, with Omini, a website to share human presence in architectural drawings. Check it out at
Once again we didn’t know if this was the best choice (to participate to an exhibition without showing our work); it seemed to us a great idea, but the website should have an interface that could allow to everybody to upload very easily new images…

2005 -2006 : together with the other promoters of the Romalab independent laboratory of reasearch on the city, we continue to explore the latest city…


2006 : Game Zone is finally printed in italian too, with Edilstampa. Though it is written by one of us, the book is strictly related to ma0 work and research. A nice review by Matteo Costanzo here.


april 2006 : A good project for the Kunstmuseum Bern competition, but no prize. More on

april 2006 : During the Salone del Mobile in Milan we have been invited to make a workshop with the NABA students, where we have been working on an Atlante del Confine (Borders Atlas), asking to the students to map all the borders they could find along the road to the new Milano Fair. This image shows the installation we made there:


may 2006 : The video Architectures on a thin line is presented at the Acquario Romano, in the exhibition Lo spazio digitale dell’architettura italiana.

june 2006 : exhibition in Perugia (model+videos) to present to the city the project-financing design of the multifunctional complex designed by ma0.

july 2006 : we came back in Milan for another workshop, called Urban Toys, focused on the design of multiuse-mobile-transformable micro architectures for public space, with some american students…


urban toys / Brian Bartolini

september 2006
: the main event of the last summer was the Venice Biennale, with our participation to the
Italian Pavillion with the Continuicity project. More info in the Italian Pavillion website, or on
The panel we presented was an attempt to stimulate a very simple kind of interaction…


october 2006
: vernissage of the pavillion for Sony Playstation Portable + Cinema Festival in Rome. In via Veneto, we try to transform an obsolete and ugly kiosk in a soft space… more on


october 2006
Isole del Tesoro has been a one-week workshop in Autumn, in Lastra a Signa, in Tuscany, together with an entousiastic group of students and fresh architects from all over Italy…


– Signe Operazione Suolo was the name to the various strategies we have proposed to the municpality of Lastra a Signa to strenghten the public domain and the pedestrian and bike paths. One week of full-time work, closed with a nice pop-up exhibition and a superb dinner.


november 2006 : the garden in Bari is completed. Great opening with kids, music, authorities. More on


autumn 2006 : ma0 is in the exhibition: “Contemporary ecologies, Energies for Italian Architecture”, 5th Brasilia Biennal of Architecture

january 2007 : the first Vivalibri bookshop in Rome, Testaccio piazza S.Maria Liberatrice is opened. Big event with the Scuola di Musica Popolare di Testaccio, drinks & food, representatives of the municipality, and a beautiful crowd. This first prototype of the Vivalibri series seems to have a big success… More on


february 2006 : second phase results of the menoèpiù competition, and the winner is… not ma0! But we love very much our proposal. More on the official competition website or on

january – may 2007 : the second phase of the Romalab research group are the Real Sessions : four seminars hosted in the MAXXI to focus on the development of some european latest cities. For Barcelona, Berlin, and Rotterdam people like Manuel Gausa, Area Ciega, Sitesize, Francesca Ferguson, Klaus Overmeyer, Paola Cannavò, Alessandro Petti, the Maze Corporation, Hans Ibelings and Giampiero Sanguigni have been invited to debate about the dynamics and design and relational strategies in these cities in the last 15 years.
Next seminar, on the 25th of may, about Rome, where the romalabbers + others will discuss about issues of the latest and future Rome, presenting the “state of the art” of their researches.


january -april 2007 : one morning the telephone rings… and the municipality of Almere invites us to make an urban study on the future expansion of the city. Other teams invited are MVRDV, Neutelings, Sorkin + MUST.


Four months later in a big simposium in Almere, called Mensen maken de stad, we are presenting together with the other teams our proposal… more on . What’s next in Almere we still don’t know…